What does the CPAP look like?

How often can we get supplies?

That will vary based on your insurance time lines. Please call us to get a definite answer OR most insurance have a supply cycle of three and six month replacement.

Why is there water in my Cpap tubing?

Condensation builds up because the air in the room may be cooler than the air coming from the machine. To prevent this condensation from forming, try placing the tubing under the covers to warm it.

What kind of medical equipment do we carry?

A wide assortment ranging from home care equipment and mobility aids to PAP and Oxygen Therapy.

Why and how often should I replace my mask?

You should replace your mask cushion periodically because as it becomes worn, it becomes less effective. The life of a mask cushion depends on use, the oils from your skin, and cleaning. It is always a good idea to inspect your mask routinely; poor care may adversely affect the fit of the cushion and thus performance. To get the longest life from your mask, be sure to wash your face each night before putting on your mask. Poor performance is often the first clue that your cushion may need replacement. Check for small tears or pinholes, anything that might cause a leak. Household pets have been known to damage cushions by playing with them and so have children, so you may want to keep your mask out of reach. Also, be sure you don’t leave your mask somewhere that receives direct sunlight during the day.

Will I be responsible for paying anything?

Depending on your insurance plan you may have to pay a deductible or co-pay. If you need help call and speak with one of our qualified insurance representatives who can help answer your question.


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